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Full Menu

Lunch Special

Gamjatang $7.99
U-geo-ji Gamja Tang $7.99
Yukgaejang $7.99
Buk-eoh-guk $7.99
Kimchi jigae $7.99
Deanjan Jjigae $7.99
Bibim Bap $7.99
Kongnamul Bap $7.99
Cho-gae Mul Nengmyun $7.99
Yeol-Moo Mul Nengmyun $7.99
Kal GookSu $7.99
Ddeok Mandoo Gook $7.99
Ddeok Bok Gi $7.99
Jogi Gui $7.99
Kongchi Gui $7.99

Lunch Combo
Kalbee + Nengmyun $15.99

Steamed Dish

Eun Dae Goo Jorim
Braised Black Codfish with Spicy Sauce $24.99

Gal-Chi Jorim
Braised Beltfish with Spice Sauce $17.99

Dong-Tae Ja Ban Jorim
Braised Pollack with Spicy Sauce $13.99

O-jing-eoh Bokkum
Pan-fried spicy squid served with lettuce wrap $17.99

Kimchi Jae Yuk Bokkum
Pan-fried spicy pork with kimchi $14.99

Mae-Un Sam Ghyub Bulgogi
Spicy Pan Fried Pork Belly $17.99


(L) $37.99
(M) $32.99
(S) $27.99
Side Order of Bones $9.99
Side Order of Noodle $3.00
Side Order of Ramen $3.00
U-Geo or Sesame Leaves $3.00

Kong-Chi Jeon Gol
Kong-Chi Jeon Gol $17.99

Ssam Bap with Beef
Variety of vegetables served with Rice and Beef $12.99

Ssam Bap with Pork
Variety of vegetables served with Rice and Pork $11.99

Main Dish

Daeji Bo-Ssam
Steamed Pork with side dishes $17.99

Daeji Gul Bo Ssam

Steamed Pork with Side dishes + Raw Oysters $19.99

Gamja Tang $10.99
Spicy Pork Bone Soup with potatoes

Spicy shredded beef and green onion soup $8.99

Mild soup with dried pollack, beansprout and eggs $8.99

Kimchi jigae
Stew with kimchi $8.99

Deanjan Jjigae
Stew with soybean paste and tofu $8.99

Dolsot Bibim Bap
Rice Cooked in stone pot with vegetables on top $9.99

Bibim Bap
Rice served with vegetables on top to be mixed $8.99

Kongnamul Bap
Rice cooked with bean sprout $7.99

Ddeok Mandoo Gook
Sliced rice cake and dumpling soup $8.99

Kal Gook Su

Hand cut noodle soup$7.99

Nengmyun (Spicy Sauce or Cold Beef Broth)
Cold buckwheat noodles served with shredded chicken meat on top. Can be serve with your choice of spicy sauce or cold beef broth $8.99

Yelo Moo Nengmyun (Spicy Sauce or Cold Beef Broth)
Cold buckwheat noodles served with Yeol Moo Kimchi on top. Can be served with your choice of spicy sauce or cold beef broth. $8.99

Ddeok Bok Gi
Rice cake with spicy sauce $7.99

Ya Che Jeon
Pan-fried vegetable pancake $4.99

Kong Kook Soo
Korean noodle dish served in a cold soy milk broth $8.99

BBQ & Grill

Kalbee Gui
Marinated Short Rib BBQ $19.99

An Chang sal Gui
Thin Skirt  $24.99

Kalbi Jumulleok Gui
Beef Rib BBQ $29.99

Chadol Gui
Brisket $17.99

Heok SUm Gyub Gui
Black Pork Belly BBQ $15.99

Ee Myun Soo Gui
Grilled Atka Mackerel $11.99

Go-Deung-Eoh Gui
Grilled Mackerel $11.99

Jo-gee Gui
Grilled Yellow Covina $10.99

Kong-Chi Gui
Grilled Mackerel Pike $8.99

Kajami Gui
Grilled Flatfish $10.99

Liquor & Beverage

Korean Style Vodka $9.99

Unstrained traditional Korean rice wine $9.99

Beer (OB/Hite/Cass)

Beok Se Ju

Bok Bun Ja

Chung Ha